US Sherpa Brand Ambassadors

We collaborate with many talented athletes who represent our brand's values and are committed to an adventurous, outdoor lifestyle.

  • Nima Doma Sherpa

    Nima Doma Sherpa is a US Sherpa guide. She became a widow after losing her husband in a climbing accident on Mt. Everest in 2014. Nima Doma and Fur Diki Sherpa, both widows, set out to start the Two Widows Everest Project. They successfully summited Mt. Everest (29,035ft) on May 23, 2019 and became the 1st Nepali Sherpa widows to successfully climb Everest in the world.

  • Gabby Palko

    Some of my favorite activities include backcountry skiing, photography, meditation, and sailing. I love exploring our local wilderness, spending peaceful time in the outdoors, and helping other find their place in the outdoors! One of my biggest accomplishments is living on my 25' sailboat in Alaska for four years. These years were challenging but rewarding.

  • Eric Todd Sweet

    Hiking is my favorite activity. I am out in the mountains every single day! I love guiding and helping other people to get out into the mountains and to meet their own hiking goals safely. My biggest accomplishment is summiting Mt Kilimanjaro.

  • Pasang Dawa Sherpa 

    Pasang Dawa Sherpa is 38 and father to two children. He is originally from Khumjung Village and is a full-time sherpa guide. He has summited Everest six times and his younger brother has also summited Everest several times!

  • Derek MacDonald

    ​Most of my activities recently include running + hiking. I've finished several ultramarathons including the Vermont 100, which was my 1st 100 mile event. I'm working on completing the list of 46, 4000+ ft peaks in the Adirondaks (currently on #39 of 46). I enjoy traveling and have visited 33 countries, and many of our US National parks. I also enjoy gravel biking, back country/alpine skiing and spending time on the water.  

  • Brad Elliot

    I love to hike, backpack, ski, canoe, paddle-board, rock climb, and travel. One of my favorite accomplishments is hiking the Grand Canyon (rim to rim) in two days, and completing all 48 of New Hampshire's 4,000 footers in August of 2022 with CeLynn Siemons. We both love adventures and helping others learn how to recreate safely outdoors.

  • CeLynn Siemons

    I love to be outdoors, and do activities such as rock climbing, paddle-boarding, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, skiing, and traveling. Brad Elliott and I completed all 48 of New Hampshire's 4,000 footers in August of 2022. We started this journey together when we first met in 2020. We also recently hiked the Grand Canyon (rim to rim) in two days which was an incredible trip! We love sharing our adventures and helping others learn how to safely recreate outdoors.

  • Jen Kane

    I love the outdoors, and sports. Some of my favorite activities include running, hiking, skiing, reading, and coaching. Some of my best accomplishments include running 52 marathons and counting, and coaching varsity volleyball for the first time and getting the team to playoffs for the first time in school history. I work at a boarding school, and with the majority of students there being international, I love getting them out on adventures. I love taking them hiking and running, and really getting them exploring for the first time. Sharing what I love - the great outdoors - is important to me and I hope it leaves a long lasting memory for them too.