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Bagmati Felt Wool Ball Coaster- Square, Circle (set of 4)

Bagmati Felt Wool Ball Coaster- Square, Circle (set of 4)

Made from 100% all natural boiled felt wool. These are great for both hot and cold beverages, because they protect against the surface below. Add some bright colors to your entertainment space. Handmade in Nepal!

Approx 4" x 4" Assorted/ Multi-color

These beautiful products are made by incredibly talented artists who are permanently disabled. These are artisans who face physical disability, some are blind, some are immobile. When you shop our felt collection, you are directly supporting and employing people who struggle with physical disabilities in Nepal!

 Style 935BC


The Dhaka Shawl is the softest wrap made up of Yak Wool & Acrylic Fiber. Accompanied by a colorful pattern, this wrap can be worn to keep yourself cozy in the winter or as a throw to decor your home anytime of the year!

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